Chapter 9 • Churchwide Program
Adopt a Reading Schedule

Adopt a Reading Schedule

The first place to start is to publish a Scripture reading plan, samples of which you’ve probably already seen on the Walk with the Word web site. A blank version of the reading plan is freely provided so you don't have perfectly synchronize to the dates on our website. (MS-Word format or Adobe PDF format)

A reading schedule can be listed on your web site, handed out as a bookmark, inserted in the Sunday bulletin or even mailed. And as will be discussed further below, the easiest justification for publishing a schedule is so others can specifically read the passages each Sunday’s main sermon will cover as well as the teaching for adult Sunday School.

This is a very non-threatening, low-change inducing first step towards coordinating all the ministries emphases on Bible study as well as providing a stepping stone towards introducing new opportunities if they don’t already exist, such as implementing small groups.

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