Chapter 2 • How to Read God's Word
Informational Reading

Informational Reading

The first and most basic of all Bible reading is "informational"; that is, it is the gathering of facts. Informational reading provides information and knowledge, but it does not necessarily result in changed behavior. Based on the information, the reader is still able to choose whether or not to believe that information, much less make changes in lifestyle as a result of reading God's Word.

The world is full of scholars who have studied the Bible all their lives and can even translate it from the original languages. They may be able to quote large sections of Scripture but that does not mean that the Bible is for them the Word of God; they tend to see the Bible merely as a history or philosophy book of great interest.

Christians, particularly Bible teachers, can fall into the trap of reading God's Word simply for informational purposes and never allow God to speak to them through His Word to the level of the heart. That is a great tragedy and not what God intended.

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