Chapter 1 • The Program
The Walk with the Word Reading Plan

The Walk with the Word Reading Plan

The Walk with the Word plan calls for studying the entire Word of God every 3.3 years in a variety of ways so as to make the Word a vital and living part of every believer's life. (The plan is not precisely synchronized to 3 years to prevent the same passages from occurring at the same time each year.)

Completing the Bible in 3.3 years requires a reading schedule that covers an average 3=4 chapters a week in the NT (there are 260 chapters in the NT) and an average 11 chapters a week in the OT (929 chapters in the OT). This 3.3-year cycle of reading through the Bible can be repeated going through the Bible left to right (Genesis through Revelation), chronologically, etc.

The question might be raised, "Why not go through the Bible every year?" The answer is this: a one-year-through-the-Bible plan calls for too much reading. It gets overwhelming for the average reader.

[See “The Reading Plan” on this web site for more information.]

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