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  1. Introduction
  2. The Undisputed Authority of the Old Testament
  3. Old Testament Organization
  4. Obtaining the Correct Context
  5. A Rich Foundation for All that Follows
  6. Suggesions for Studying the Old Testament

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Old Testatment Organization

The entire Bible conveys the progressive revelation of the character and Person of God. First only revealed to Adam and Eve, God is revealed through His interaction with early mankind, revealed substantially more through His calling of Israel and giving to them His written Law through Moses, even more through Israel’s acceptance/rejection of Him (books of history), through those that wrote of the closeness of their relationship with Him (e.g. Psalms), and finally through God’s commentary on man’s behavior and His ultimate plan for them through the Prophets.

It may help to think of the Old Testament coming in basically 4 parts:

OT Books

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