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Reviews of Internet Resources

You really need to be careful. Most of the time it’s extremely difficult to effectively discern who is operating a web site, their true beliefs, even the validity of the doctrine they’re trying to convey. While it isn’t fool-proof, one of the advantages of books is that publishers themselves filter out many things due to the nature and costs of the publishing and distribution system, and there are numerous independent book review resources to give you a good idea not just about the content but the background and point of view of the author. It’s not 100% effective, but far more so than for the Internet.

It takes only a few dollars a month these days to put up and run a web site. There are no “filters” and rarely is there Christian accountability. Many web site reviewing services have come and gone and continue to attempt to provide information about new sites but it’s extremely difficult.

Our focus is to identify Internet-based resources that may assist in the pursuit of hearing God speak through His Word. But in the end we need to heed Jesus’ admonition, “Do not be deceived.” You need to be discerning of ALL that is presented on any given web site to firmly know who is a good shepherd and who is a false one. (If you’re not doing this with Walk with the Word then you’ve flunked out already. Simply providing this advice does not exempt us from your scrutiny.)

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