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  1. Introduction
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  7. The Costs

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The Walk
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Book Reviews

We’re not specifically in the book review business. It’s not like publishers are sending us books in the hopes that a review provided on our site will generate sales revenue for that book. The less grandiose truth is that we’re providing reviews of books that we just so happen to have actually read in the pursuit of enriching our own walk. You will find that the assessments we provide hope to convey the type of person for which a particular work may be best suited.

For instance, Let the Reader Understand by McCartney and Clayton is a book we recommend for the person that really wants to acquire deeper Bible study and interpretation skills at an intermediate level, but short of the detail of study associated with a seminary textbook. While we want to convey that a book, overall, is doctrinally sound, we also want to provide an evaluation of the levels, differentiating between text books versus primers versus “pop” theology.

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