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The Walk
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Graphical Study Aids

This is an area where we strongly encourage you to share with us so that we in turn may share the benefits with others. Visual aids, charts, graphs, maps, tables, timelines, etc. are extremely effective ways of grasping the context of a passage of Scripture or to clearly communicate complex concepts of doctrine/theology.

The materials provided on Walk with the Word have been developed in the course of actual teaching. We’re not ashamed to admit we scour Bible dictionaries, Bible atlases and a myriad of web sites and books for ideas. (Why re-invent an already well-constructed wheel?)

While our emphasis is ever on application, we all need to realize that there’s a minimum level of information or education that needs to take place in order to understand the context of any given book or passage within the Bible. So our aim is to provide the basic historical, cultural or linguistic information that best aids in the observation, interpretation and application of the passage.

For instance, it’s helpful to visually show how the first half of Daniel is  completely different in content from the last half of Daniel. It’s interesting to visually represent the 6 different types of people in each of the opening chapters that struggle in their knowledge and relationship with God, whereas in the last half of Daniel it’s valuable to see and compare the images resulting from God’s revelations to him. Readers become personally connected to the first half of Daniel as they see examples of varying degrees of handling a relationship with God and contrast it to their own walk. And then in studying the prophetic portions of Daniel to realize that God keeps coming back to the issue of relationships with Him.

You will find a number of bookmarks available on the web site that we’ve been developing for each book of the Bible. On one side are highlights, sometimes even outlines of the book, and on the other side reminders of applying the Inductive principles to that particular book.

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