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  1. Introduction
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  4. Graphical Study Aids
  5. Book Reviews
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  7. The Costs

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The Walk
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"How To" Study Guides

Again, in the spirit of wanting to help “jump start” interest in personal Bible study and taking it to the level of hearing God speak through His Word, the study guides on Walk with the Word are oriented towards these goals.

It’s important to note that we’re not saying this is the only way or the only approach. We’re merely suggesting that of all the available approaches and methods that this is one of the best STARTING points. We absolutely want you to go deeper, maybe even learn Greek and Hebrew and attain a much higher set of Bible study skills. We’ve identified what we believe is not just the starting point, but the reference against which all further, deeper study should be measured. In other words, even should you go on to attain a degree in theology, all the skills and methods you acquire must ultimately focus back on the application of what God is saying through His Word. As Jesus said, it’s “the doers”, not “the hearers”.

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