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  1. Introduction
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  8. The Costs

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The Walk
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Email Newsletter

Most studies will initially be transmitted via our weekly email newsletter in concert with the reading plan. The newsletters themselves are archived and available on the web site but each study is also formatted and published as a Bible study and available for download from the web site.

Subscribing to the newsletter ensures that you get a Bible study that comes from the proscribed reading for that week. This not only keeps you in the habit of studying every week but provides an example of what you can accomplish with small groups or other local ministries.

The newsletter is easily re-distributable to others but also serves as an example of what you can do yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of skill these days to generate and disseminate an email newsletter. For those that have Microsoft Office 2000 or later, you can create your study in Word. Change the view to “Web Layout” and the document is converted instantly to a web format without you having to do a thing. Graphics, colors, etc. are all handled in the background. While still in Word, select File | Send To | Mail Recipient and you will see the message in the body of an email message in which you choose to whom to send it using your email address book. If you can write it/format it in Word, the tools are built in to automatically convert and send it via email.

When your Bible studies become much sought after and your distribution list starts getting into the hundreds you’ll have to employ a more sophisticated solution to distribute your studies, but that’s probably a “nice” problem to have to deal with, eh?

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