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  1. Introduction
  2. Bible Studies
  3. "How To" Study Guides
  4. Graphical Study Aids
  5. Book Reviews
  6. Reviews of Internet Resources
  7. The Costs

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The Walk
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Walk with the Word does not see itself as some kind of “store” or central place that you have be dependant upon in order to succeed.

We see ourselves as a starting point; hopefully the beginning of a transition in which you are generating everything to meet your ministry’s needs. “Success” for us means that you and/or your local ministry or organization becomes completely independent, making your own Bible studies in concert with a reading plan, generate your own study aids, and in general develop everything as a result of your own study of God’s Word. The materials provided on Walk with the Word should be thought of as a way to help get things started. They can be used immediately and for as long as you like, but we strongly encourage you to think of them as examples that you can pattern your own ministry tools after. As you study through the Bible personally, and you discover gifts in other members of your local organization, you will want to eventually develop and disseminate these things yourself.

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