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  1. Overview of Walk with the Word
  2. The Cultural Mandate for Walk with the Word
  3. The Believer's Need for the Word
  4. The Theme of Walk with the Word
  5. The Walk with the Word Reading Plan
  6. How to Use Walk with the Word

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The Walk
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Summary of Chapter 1

Walk with the Word is but a reminder – as every generation is reminded by someone – that Believers need only commit themselves and their ministries to consistent immersion in the Bible to hear God speaking personally today.

Walk with the Word primarily focuses on three things:

Walk with the Word delivers weekly Bible studies on this web site and through email, synchronized to a reading plan that covers the entire Bible every 3.3 years. It is applicable as an individual study guide, small group ministries, or churchwide applications where coordination of the study of Scripture is desired amongst more than one ministry.