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The Walk
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Walk with the Word revolves around delivering a weekly Bible study to your email inbox according to the Scripture Reading Plan. The study aids provided either directly support these Bible studies or encourage deeper development of personal Bible study habits and skills.

The very best encouragement we can offer is to acquire a good Bible dictionary and atlas and incorporate these into your Bible study time. Since our goal is to hear God speaking through His Word and make personal application to our life of what we learn, a Bible dictionary will be of a lot more assistance and answer questions better than a commentary. We're not saying commentaries are "bad", but from experience we find that they're best used as the absolute last resort or after you've finished your personal study as a comparison of what you discovered in the Word. Essentially a commentary is someone else's "personal application", if you will, of their own study of God's Word, which often does not parallel what is being personally revealed to you in Scripture.

The best thing every believer can do to improve the quality of their personal Bible study is to begin journaling, even if only a couple of sentences a day to start.

How To Study Mainly this area focuses on―and will expand upon―the Inductive Bible Study Method. At its simplest, this method's approach is comprised of observation, interpretation, and application, the goal being to apply God's Word to one's life.
Graphical Study Aids These materials are mostly outlines, charts, maps, bookmarks, and illustrations that are designed to dovetail with Bible studies previously taught or added anew.
Internet-Based Bible Resources This is an intentially small, restricted list of resources that we recommend. Since there are literally thousands of Internet resources available, the goal is to provide a "starting point".
Book Reviews The vast majority of these reviews will be focused on books meant to enhance Bible study (i.e. Bible dictionaries, study guides, textbooks, etc.)
The Parallel Gospels An online study aid integrating all four Gospels side-by-side to an overall timeline from Jesus' birth to ascension.