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There are literally thousands of Bible-related web sites and it would take the work of a life-time to find and review them all. The intention here is to provide a starting point.

Don't read anything into the fact that we're slow to add sites to this list or that a particular site is not listed; we're merely providing information on resources that we've actually used and feel comfortable with. These sites have links to additional resources and thus begins the journey, if you will.

The following lists provide a short description of each site and a direct link to each. Links to other web sites are provided for informational purposes only. Walk with the Word is not responsible for the content or representations of other sites. No monetary benefits are derived by Walk with the Word should a link point to a product or service.

Although we review sites it's impossible to read everything on most sites and to continually audit changes to same. Each Believer is encouraged to be a "Berean" and research all things for themselves using Scripture as the final measure. Remember that Jesus Himself said, "Do not be deceived." Therefore it is each Believer's responsibility to heed His command and seek His discernment for every source, ultimately measuring all things against His Word.

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Bible DatabaseThis site specializes in providing free Bibles and free Bible software. The "BibleDatabase" software offering is a very well-implemented package that offers multiple NON-copyrighted Bibles. In other words, you won't find modern copyrighted versions such as the NIV or NASB, but this software offers many of the multi-Bible features of for-sale equivalents.

Visit the website.These are online Bible resources provided by Logos, the maker of one of the best software Bible study tools. This page defaults to the NASB, but there is quite a selection of translations available.

BibleGateway.comThis might be the best online Bible resource available: 18 versions (including most modern ones) in over 20 languages, all online and capable of being searched and the results presented side-by-side in your web browser. Be sure to check out various sections for other resources such as dictionaries, commentaries, etc.

Blue Letter BibleThis not-for-profit organization begins with a solid search engine built around the King James version and expands to provide a myriad of related Bible-study resources too numerous to be listed here.

Interlinear ScripturizerThis is a great tool for those that want to learn and apply New Testament Greek. One of the amazing features of this free software is that you can develop your own Greek-English interlinear translation. This program contains many powerful features for those that want to study the Bible at the original languages level.

CrossWalk.comThe "Bible Study Tools" section at is rich with online Bibles, concrodances, dictionaries, etc., etc. It's also a great starting point for links to other Christian resources on the 'net.'re not making an idle boast calling themselves the "Internet Christian Library" -- whatever isn't available from their own site is accessible by a link to the resource. This is literally a listing of nearly every Christian resource on the Internet.

Study Bible ForumSponsored by the Lockman Foundation ― the authors of the NASB™ and Amplified Bible™ translations ― the "Study Bible Forum" is an online discussion forum. You can post questions or answers to discussions of a single verse or passage, and even keep your own private notes on every verse in the Bible ― all through your web browser. This is a great way to assist others in their quest to understand Scripture as well as seek assistance for yourself.

Bibles UnboundThis unique program gives you the ability to stand alongside our persecuted brothers and sisters and help create a witness for Jesus Christ in hostile lands right from your own home. Become a Bible-mailing missionary. This is an especially effective group activity for all ages.

GideonsDon't just study the Bible, get out and GIVE a Bible to someone. Gideons International may be famous for providing free Bibles to hotel rooms, but the members of each local "camp" are strongly involved in providing Bibles to schools, prisons, hospitals, etc. in every community. Every single day, people throughout this world come to know Christ as their personal Savior because of the Bibles provided by the Gideons. This is a great way to serve the kingdom of God in your own community.

ICMSince 1984 ICM has been teaching pastors, teachers and Christians how to study the Bible inductively. This ministry has trained thousands in the U.S., Russia and Philippines. This is a great resource if you would like to bring a seminar or deeper training in the study of the Bible to your local church or organization.

NASBThe Lockman Foundation is the organization which, among other things, provides us with the NASB™ and Amplified Bible™ translations.

King's Divinity CollegeAlthough located in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, King's Evangelical Divinity School offers an excellent distance education program for earning a "Certificate and Diploma of Higher Education (Biblical Hermeneutics)" as well as Bible short courses and studies in New Testament Greek. Should be seriously considered by those seeking a more formal study program whose schedule mandates it be done part-time or within the framework of a busy schedule.

MAFMission Aviation Fellowship has been supporting missionary and humanitarian organizations for nearly six decades by providing solutions for overcoming geographical barriers. Most noted for providing small aircraft support to remote regions, it also is a major communications provider to remote ministries as well as a direct developer and supplier of distance education courses and materials to same in many languages. The "Journals of Jim Elliot", published by his wife after his death are a major inspiration for the principles of Walk with the Word, in particular for the discourse on "Journaling." MAF deserves your consistent support whether you decide to join the organization of provide financial assistance.

VOMThis is a resource no Christian should ignore. This organization not only keeps us informed as to what is happening to ALL our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, but provides tangible means to assist them.


If you've come to this page and wondered, "Why does a site devoted to Bible study have a LOT more links to organizations than Bible study resources?", you're on the path to wisdom, my friend.

Walk with the Word is about APPLICATION of the Word to our life, not "Bible study". All of these organizations are visible proof of God's Word working throughout the world. Paul himself made a very big deal out of the fact that the core of the proof of a true Christian is that communicating the Gospel is more important than anything else―even infinite knowledge of the Bible.

In the Sermon on the Mount Christ said that we are not to just be listeners, but DOERS of the Word. Whether through these well-known ministries or through your local organization, be a doer. End