The Walk with the Word reading schedule for the week beginning 2/21 is 1 John...beginning 2/28 is 2 & 3 John...

This Week's Bible Study

This week's Walk with the Word reading is 1 John. The featured Bible study is 1 John 5 • The Test of Truth.

The second half of 1 John – the last 3 chapters – is a 3-part sermon dealing with how to test for true sonship. This is seen by the repeated use of the phrase “born of God” found throughout this section. His first sermon point in chapter 3 is that a true child of God will prove their spiritual birth by being obedient to God’s Word. In chapter 4 the second point is that a true child of God proves it by their love. And this, his final point, is that it’s proved by the test of truth. The repeated phrase John uses in this last chapter is “we know”. What is it that true children of God “know” which qualifies the authenticity of their relationship to God through Christ?

This Month's Commentary

It is clearly implied in Scripture by the references to the final Abomination of Desolation and associated activities of the Antichrist and False Prophet that there will be a temple, but it is not authorized or endorsed by God. This is because the Church—  the Bride of Christ— has become the temple on earth. (1 Cor. 3:16; 2 Cor. 6:16; Eph. 2:21) We should actually call it the Antichrist’s Temple.

[Read the full commentary, “BThe Third Temple is Already Underway”.]

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Overview of Walk with the Word

Walk with the Word is based on the belief that the best way to know God personally is to experience Him through His Word. How does experiencing God personally through His Word happen? It happens when we allow Him to "speak" to us through His Word. We believe that every Christian is capable of hearing God speak through His Word if they will devote the time and effort. Too few Christians today are truly experiencing God through His Word because they have assumed that the attaining of facts and knowledge about God's Word is sufficient.

Knowledge of God's Word is important; without it we would not know about God. However, facts, information, doctrine and theology do not always put us in touch with God; they do not automatically connect us to God personally. Knowledge about God does not necessarily translate into knowledge of God experientially. Facts and information about God's Word may be one step so as to know God, but is only one step towards God.

Walk with the Word provides a systematic method for reading through the Bible every 3-1/3 years. The program is designed to be implemented by churches on a church-wide basis, as a small group ministry, or for the individual. Teaching through the Bible every 3 years is not for the mere purpose of completing a noble task, but to learn how to personally apply the whole Word of God.

Walk with the Word primarily focuses on three things:

  • (1) To receive the Word (accurately understand the Bible and be able to interact with it on a personal level, to the point that God speaks to the heart);
  • (2) To live the Word ("flesh out" God's Word to the point that the truth permeates every aspect of the believer's life, affecting decision-making, behavior and relationships); and,
  • (3) To spread the Word (share the good news found in God's Word with pre-Christians, and help them to receive the Word and begin living the Word).

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