The Walk with the Word reading schedule for the week beginning 6/20 is Exodus 7-12...beginning 6/27 is Exodus 13-18...

This Week's Bible Study

This week's Walk with the Word reading is Exodus 7-12. The featured Bible study is "Exodus 8 & 10 • Four Offers of Compromise".

Pharaoh is a prominent scriptural parallel not just of Satan, but of the Antichrist. He was someone deified as the god of Egypt, exerted power as a ruler over the world, and in addition to being a liar and murderer, kept people in bondage and, in particular, hated both the Word and people of God. While he is not above outright persecution of believers, Pharaoh mimics one of Satan’s primary spiritual attacks by offering alternatives which will fundamentally undermine the faith and relationship to God of His people. It is worth noting that in our best English translations of the Bible (e.g., NASB, ESV, KJV, NKJV), the word “compromise” is never found. Satan loves to offer the road to compromise because he knows that if it is followed, it leads away from God and directly back to him.

This Month's Commentary

This month's Walk with the Word commentary is "Christian Meditation"

English translations of the Bible contain in excess of 775,000 words from the original Greek and Hebrew, each authored by God. And, of course, we are commanded to obey and put into personal practice His entire Word. How is that possible? Fortunately, one of the unique things about Scripture is that it not only contains God’s requirements but explains how to achieve them. In this case, it must be noted that Scripture rarely states to merely read God’s Word but most often asserts to meditate on it

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Overview of Walk with the Word

Walk with the Word is based on the belief that the best way to know God personally is to experience Him through His Word. How does experiencing God personally through His Word happen? It happens when we allow Him to "speak" to us through His Word. We believe that every Christian is capable of hearing God speak through His Word if they will devote the time and effort. Too few Christians today are truly experiencing God through His Word because they have assumed that the attaining of facts and knowledge about God's Word is sufficient.

Knowledge of God's Word is important; without it we would not know about God. However, facts, information, doctrine and theology do not always put us in touch with God; they do not automatically connect us to God personally. Knowledge about God does not necessarily translate into knowledge of God experientially. Facts and information about God's Word may be one step so as to know God, but is only one step towards God.

Walk with the Word provides a systematic method for reading through the Bible every 3-1/3 years. The program is designed to be implemented by churches on a church-wide basis, as a small group ministry, or for the individual. Teaching through the Bible every 3 years is not for the mere purpose of completing a noble task, but to learn how to personally apply the whole Word of God.

Walk with the Word primarily focuses on three things:

  • (1) To receive the Word (accurately understand the Bible and be able to interact with it on a personal level, to the point that God speaks to the heart);
  • (2) To live the Word ("flesh out" God's Word to the point that the truth permeates every aspect of the believer's life, affecting decision-making, behavior and relationships); and,
  • (3) To spread the Word (share the good news found in God's Word with pre-Christians, and help them to receive the Word and begin living the Word).

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